Success Stories

A10K’s Same-Day Service Saves The Day!

On a Friday afternoon a farmer went to pick up his newly purchased combine. However, the finance company would not release the combine without the certificate on hand. Not a problem! His broker sent their dedicated A10K underwriter an [...]

Friday Afternoon Special

“Please, I know it is last minute, but I really need lead terms for this client before the weekend, is there anything you can do?” – It is a question every broker has asked, and every underwriter has received. [...]

A10K’s Fast And Efficient Service

An existing client had submitted a rush request for a Certificate of Insurance proving that General Liability coverage was in place for an upcoming wine and food show. The request from the client’s broker was sent in just a [...]

Educating Customers About The Coverages We Offer

 At A10K Inc., we do our best to educate insureds about the various coverages we offer. A policyholder had contacted us about a potential claim relating to a sewage leak on their driveway. However, the Sewer Back up wording/definition [...]

Distributing Policy Documents Before Expiry

At A10K, we prepare policy documents using a software program that prepares documents in a short period of time ensuring clients receive their insurance documents in a timely manner. Clients have often expressed that they always receive their renewal [...]